Kennesaw Auto GlassFor most people, auto windshields and windows serve mainly as a way to see what is coming down the road. In actuality, it is more much more! Your auto glass plays a huge role in keeping your vehicle safe and in keeping its structure intact. Your auto glass even assists your air bags in doing their job, should you ever be in an accident where they are deployed.

Not only must your auto glass be clean and easy to see out of, it should also be free of cracks, rock chips, and nicks that can not only help obscure your vision, they can lead to much larger damage, resulting in safety issues as well as greater expense for you down the road. Whether you need windshield replacement or windshield repair, Kennesaw Auto Glass can truly help! Our skilled Georgia glass technicians come to your vehicle's location and provide the expert repair or replacement services that can restore your auto glass to new-like condition.

Kennesaw Auto Glass works with all insurance companies and we proudly use quality parts from brands like Pilkington, Mopar, PGW Auto Glass and many others. The auto glass workmanship that we do is of the highest quality, and is fully guaranteed for your peace of mind and protection. So when getting glass replacement, or windshield repair, Kennesaw Auto Glass will assist you in staying safe and saving money, all at the same time!

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While we first make every attempt at windshield repair, Kennesaw Auto Glass sometimes finds that you need a new windshield. If your situation calls for windshield replacement, Kennesaw residents know that they get the best service and prices from our company. Kennesaw Auto Glass makes the whole process simple and convenient for you as our windshield replacement technicians take your safety AND your budget seriously.

That's why our rates are affordable and that's why we go the extra mile in providing superb workmanship combined with high quality safety glass. Together, this produces peace of mind for our clients. They know that they not only saved money, but that their safety and well being was never compromised in fact, it was enhanced!

For example your airbags are worthless to you in an accident if your windshield was not installed properly, weakened by cracks, or made of cheap glass. In addition, if your vehicle was to roll over, a strong and damage free windshield provides up to 50% of the car's strength. Why compromise your safety? With our company, you never do. So if you're in Kennesaw, windshield replacement is a snap all you have to do is call our Kennesaw Auto Glass shop at the number below!

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Kennesaw Auto GlassUsually, when your windshield comes into collision with a rock, there is no resulting damage at least not at first. Other than being momentarily startled, you and your vehicle are fine. On occasion however, a rock chip can appear. If left unattended, this tiny defect in your windshield can lead to larger damage, and can even weaken the overall strength of your windshield.

Besides looking unsightly, and impairing your driving vision, a rock chip can lead to larger expenses down the road, as you may need a complete windshield replacement. Worse still, your safety has now been compromised, as a weakened windshield will not protect you during a rollover, or air bag deployment.

If you live in Kennesaw, rock chip repair from our technicians is fast, easy and very inexpensive. In fact, most insurance companies will waive your deductible so that they are not left with total replacement of your windshield later on! Remember, for the finest rock chip repair, Kennesaw Auto Glass is the local company to rely on!

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